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F2 – F5 Admissions

Interested students may apply through “Rolling Admission” or “End-of-term Application”.  The former is open throughout the school year and the latter usually in May each year.  Students interested in the IBDP and the F4 Preparatory Year may also apply in May.

  • Application is open to F2 to F4 students throughout the school year.
  • Should vacancies arise, SELECTED applicants will be notified to sit for a written examination.  For details, please refer to the "Exams and Interviews" section below.
  • Application documents will be retained for one year and applicants do not need to submit applications again in the same year unless applying for admission in the next school year.
  • Application for admission to F2 to F5 for the next academic year is usually open in May each year. Exact dates to be announced in due course.
  • SELECTED applicants will sit for an entrance examination in early July. For details, please refer to the "Exams and Interviews" section below.
  • Applicants who have applied for admission during the year will need to submit their applications again if they want to apply for admission in the next school year.




Applications should include the following documents and be submitted to the School by hand or by post.

Documents should be printed on A4 paper, double-sided and clipped with a binderclip. Only paper documents are accepted – other submissions such as CDs and clear folders will not be accepted.

  • Application letter
  • Copies of school reports of recent two years
  • Proofs of participation and achievement in extra-curricular activities and services (most recent qualifications/results)
  • Proofs showing good English and Putonghua skills (if applicable)
  • One self-addressed envelope (with sufficient postage) 
  • Enquiry:

Exams and Interviews

  • SELECTED applicants will be notified to sit for a written examination.  There will be Chinese, English and Mathematics papers.
  • All applicants of F3 and those of F4 and F5 intending to take electives in science will also take a Science paper.
  • SHORTLISTED applicants will be invited to attend an interview, which will be conducted in English and Putonghua.


  • Successful applicants will be admitted and registered as soon as practicable.
  • Note to applicants for admission to F2 and F3: All students are required to take part in the self-funded F3 Summer Residential "Rites of Passage" Programme in Australia in the summer preceding F4.


  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence - On promotion, students who rank top 15% of the class level and score grade B or above in conduct will each receive a Scholarship for Academic Excellence ranging from 10% to 100% of the annual tuition fee.
  • Young Talents Scholarship - On admission, students who achieve national/junior level in their talented areas will be awarded the Young Talents Scholarship of up to 100% of the annual tuition fee.
  • The Scholarship for Academic Excellence and the Young Talents Scholarship may be awarded concurrently. However, the total amount of scholarships granted will be no more than the annual tuition fee.

Fee Remission and Financial Aid
Our Fee Remission Scheme is quota free and among the most generous in town. Bursary and financial aid are also readily available to the financially disadvantaged. Please click here for details. 

Note: Applicants and parents are reminded not to offer any advantages to school staff in connection with their applications.