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Student Exchange



11 Nov - 09 Dec 2017

St Andrew's Cathedral School, Sydney, Australia

Nicholas Hole
I have experienced a lot of diverse cultures, food and difference in education from growing up in Australia as it is a very diverse and multicultural place. Also I had been overseas to similar countries so I thought I had a reasonable idea of what was to come when I first heard about the exchange programme to St Paul’s.

The first impression I got when I got to Hong Kong was how intimidating and big it was, the city had a lot to offer and many attractions to check out, in fact too many to cover in my short stay here. The buildings are giant in comparison to what we have in Sydney, and there always seems to be something new under construction. This makes the city light up at night which, like most before and after me will agree that it is one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. At night the city was buzzing with lights from the markets and office buildings, the city thrived at night and was the best time to go shopping.

My class 3E was very welcoming and intrigued about my country. The teachers were also very kind to me, teaching while making sure that the experience was fun and educational for me. After school my buddy would take me to his many extracurricular activities, where I would sometimes join in, and if not we would be out exploring the city shopping, trying cultural food or taking photos of the best places. 

We went to my first Korean barbecue restaurant with friends after school (I was impressed by how much the parents trusted the kids to leave them out for so long in the city), it was a different spin to what was usually served at home and I really enjoyed grilling the food ourselves.

I was surprised by how little the family had to do in terms of running the house and how much they relied on the maid. It is quite the opposite in Australia. 

The exchange programme has been one the best experiences of my life. It has changed my outlook on life and gave me a chance to form great friendships.

I want to thank my host family for looking after me, making my stay here as welcoming and exciting as possible and for all the planning of the weekend trips. I also want to thank the school for the chance to stay here for four weeks and for my class 3E for being very friendly and for making an effort to try and talk to me in English.