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Student Activities Week


CAS Week

18 - 26 Nov 2017

World Volunteer in Laos

5I Isaac Won

The lifestyle there is simple, a typical farming life. Men work in the farm, women take care of the children, elderly and the animals in the farm. There is little technology compared to Hong Kong. Children play with each other outside the houses and the alleys around the houses. Unlike us, they do not bother with their phones (I didn’t notice they were holding one in their hands anyway).

I don't see them rushing around as if racing with time. The village life is peaceful yet lively, villagers wander around, chilling out and chatting with each other. The village is very united as they know each other well. In Hong Kong, we barely know our neighbours, nor do we communicate with them. Village living was a brand new experience for me.

The trip was very stamina demanding as we had to work every day and sometimes hiked long distances just for collecting materials. It let me step out of my comfort zone, taking challenges while learning new skills. I think I have become not only stronger in strength and mind, but also more mature.