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Student Activities Week


Adventure-based Learning Programme

18 - 26 Nov 2017

1B Lukas Ma
Perspiration trickles down our foreheads, our necks,
Yet another turn brings forth a pack of perseverance.
The razor-sharp rocks and breath-taking coastline,
Continues to echo our hearts of confidence.

Venturing up the meandering hiking trails,
Our snacks and drinks are consumed one after another.
A bottle of determination plus a mountain of commitment,
Eager to overcome every adversity together.

Nimble we were, scrambling across brooks and streams,
Prancing in between nature and our comfort zones,
Slipping and falling yet fulfilment was soon attained,
Never mind the perilous canyons and the slippery stones.

A gust of wind knocked our kayaks into the sea,
As we endeavoured to master these challenging skills.
Then how leisurely we steered around the beach,
Admiring the birds fluttering with their white-studded bills.

1D Michelle Ho
The SAW was a miracle. I challenged myself and achieved roaring success. Some challenges seemed impossible, but with the encouragement and support from my classmates, I was so proud that I managed to finish them all eventually. The feeling was beyond words.

Team spirit and friendship are the most valuable things we’ve earned. We cheered for and supported each other all along. I still remember during gorge walking, one of my teammates gave me a helping hand when I was about to fall into the water. I would not have finished the activity without them.

We tried gorge walking, coasteering, kayaking and hiking. They required us to be brave, cooperative and determined – and to step out of our comfort zone.