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Student Activities Week


Adventure Based Learning Programme

12 - 20 Nov 2016

1E Ho Pak Fung, Julius

Be strong my mates,
Let’s clamber up the hills!
The scorching sun shines,
The vigorous shrubs sway.
Every twist brings a pack of thrills
And we step forward without chills!

Be bold my mates,
Let’s paddle to the exposed seashores!
The sea waves riddle,
The strong wind gusts.
Every oar brings a splash of gushes
And we shove forward without rushes!

Be brave my mates,
Let’s scramble over the boulders!
The damp rock lies,
The high cliff hangs,
Every move brings a glimpse of dangers
And we progress forward like mountain rangers!

Be fearless my mates,
Let’s ascent towards the mountain top!
The river splashes,
The enormous rocks roar,
Every step brings a cry of glee
And scurrying forward are YOU and ME!

1A Kinnia Cheuk

Acrophobia had always been a huge obstacle for me. I was very scared of the challenging activities, and that I would embarrass myself in front of my classmates. But little did I know that this would be the least of the challenges to be faced. During the SAW, we tried gorge walking,  coasteering, kayaking and hiking, which required us to be strong in mind and body. Although some schoolmates were stronger or more competent, we would all support and wait for each other at difficult times. When we were worn out, we would say words of encouragement and keep being  optimistic. Having endured a series of long and painful “torture”, my acrophobia was “cured” miraculously. Without my groupmates’ help and encouragement, I would never have survived the week! We even started a bonfire by ourselves! As my groupmates and I had common goals and fears, we bonded easily and developed a unique kind of friendship. Looking back, I realised I had grown and learnt a lot over the week.