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Rites of Passage


Rites of Passage

07 Jul - 11 Aug 2018

3D Iman Wan

The great philosopher Aristotle said that “Adventure is worthwhile” – and I was never one to believe in this quote. Though outgoing, I preferred staying at home in front of my laptop over hiking around high peaks and feeling the nature. Yet, after ROP, this is all in past tense.

I started the trip with anticipation and excitement, having heard about the wonders of this programme. And it lived up to my expectations – with packed activities and numerous challenges that forced me to push myself to the limits. I’ve climbed up rocky cliffs and walked through the splattering rain. I’ve hiked rigorous trails and leaped off a platform high in the air. Yet, one starry night that I spent at the Fig Tree Point Jetty was the most memorable to me.

It was the second day of Expedition 2 and I’ve canoed my way past towering trees, spent a chilly night out and dragged my exhausted legs through muddy waters and swamps – and I was absolutely drained. I just wanted to sleep all night but reluctantly, I set off with my group to the public jetty after being urged by my instructors. I was still sceptical of how beautiful the sky could be prior to arriving at the jetty, but the sight out there just amazed me. Countless shimmering stars lit up the pitch-black sky and the calm waters was just like a mirror with the reflection of what looked like paradise. Everything was silent and so peaceful – it really was out of the world. As my group mates and I glanced at the beautiful view, I finally realised how beautiful our world really was.

Perhaps paddling through the azure sea, striding through the majestic mountains and riding our bikes down the grainy roads are the moments captured on our cameras, but what makes ROP so special is the friendship built within groups. It may have been merely one month, but ROP has brought my group of different personalities together, forming a close-knit group.  We’ve laughed and cried together, and helped each other when in need – and it has helped us form an unbreakable bond.  Though our Polaroid pictures may fade, our memories of the month will always remain close to our hearts.