About Round Square

Educational philosophy of Round Square

This is based on the educational philosophy of Dr. Kurt Hahn who believed that
the greatest thing one could learn – and inspire in others – was compassion and
that students can only really understand life by being able to develop their courage,
generosity, imagination, principles and resolution.

Round Square's six pillars – IDEALS

I – International understanding
D – Democracy
E – Environmental stewardship
A – Adventure
L – Leadership
S – Service

The IDEALS have been formed on the precepts penned by Kurt Hahn which include:

  •  Giving children the chance to discover themselves
  •  Allowing children to experience both success and failure
  •  Providing periods of silence (for reflection)
  •  Training the imagination, and the ability to anticipate and plan
  •  Taking sports and games seriously, but only as a part of a rounded education
  • Freeing the children of rich and influential parents from the paralyzing influence of privilege

Currently there are 150 Round Square member schools worldwide representing a student capacity in the region of 90,000 and a teacher/management workforce of around 7,500. This seeks to broaden the member schools' international network, and to increase opportunities for exchange and participation in international service projects as well.


For more information, please visit the Round Square official website: