Mentor Programme

Welcome to the SPCC Mentor Programme, where participating Form 5 students are paired with SPCC alumni to develop one-on-one "counselor and friend" relationships.

Through individual mentoring as well as tailored group activities, we hope to help students broaden their perspectives, develop their potential and achieve their academic and career aspirations as they prepare for life beyond SPCC.

Now in its 16th year, the Programme has an annual intake of over 160 new Form 5 students as mentees and has built up a resource pool of over a similar number of alumni mentors.

Our Mentors - a Rich Pool of Resource                                                                       Top

Our pool of mentors range from business executives to young entrepreneurs, from seasoned professionals to established academics, as well as civil servants in a variety of fields. We are also targeting younger alumni at earlier stages of their careers to join the pool.

An approximate percentage breakdown of our mentors by background / sector is as follows:


*Includes education, counselling, civil service & journalism

Group Activities in 2016-2017 Academic Year                                                             Top

12 Oct 2016 Kick-off Gathering
12 Nov 2016 Career Day at SPCC
3 Mar 2017 Company Visits
18 Mar 2017 Interview Skills Workshop
27 April 2017 College Fair
June 2017 Closing Ceremony

The Mentor Programme Committee                                                                             Top

Accountable to the School Council and with Dr Anissa Chan as Adviser, the Mentor Programme Committee plans and manages the operation of the Programme. Key responsibilities include recruitment of new mentors and mentees, organizing activities, monitoring programme effectiveness and enhancing the services of the Programme to best address the ever-changing needs of the mentees. Committee members are all SPCC alumni and serve a three-year term.

The 2016-2017 Committee

Adviser Dr Anissa Chan    
Liaison Teacher Mrs Christy Liang    
Chairman Ms Christina Gaw    
Members Ms Rita Chan Ms Chee-may Chow Prof Ivan Hung
  Ms Jennifer Ma Mr Hubert Un Mr Harold Wong
  Ms Winnie Leung Mr Ferdinand Cheuk Mr Ronald Kwok
  Mr Henry Pang    
Associate Members Dr Kelvin To Mr Brian Wong Dr Terence Yip
Secretary Ms Emily Tong    

Become a Mentor Today!                                                                                                Top

If you are an SPCC alumni residing in Hong Kong and would like to share your experience and insights with the younger generation at SPCC, please sign up here. We welcome alumni of all ages, and in particular recent university graduates! Upon your expression of interest, you will be contacted by the Mentor Programme Committee.